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Month: May, 2010

Gay Christmas Naughty Orgy

Its Christmas time, what is better than 6 gays dressed up in the appropriate way? They had six presents to open, what they did find inside the box? A meaty cock ready to be sucked. In this gallery you’ll see how a gay xmas orgy went. I’ve heard that there is no xmas party if there is no gay ass fuck in there. Those guys also believe the same, after some cock sucking those 6 young gay guys went crazy and fucked like if there was no tomorrow. And there wans’t. We can call it a premium-size xmas orgy.

Glory hole gay ass fuck

Those naughty boys were fighting downstairs, and they had a deal, whoever loses have to go to the glory hole and get some stuff done. When the fight ended, one the losers went upstairs to the glory hole area, which is in the bathroom. He didn’t knew what waited him there. As he got inside the place, he saw a meaty cock, after this sight he knew exactly what to do. He sucked and it, and when he believed that everything was done. He had to get some nasty gay ass fuck on the next door.