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Month: March, 2023

From the Bottoms to the Tops

For the most part, we all fit into the categories of tops and bottoms. Some of us are more dominant, some of us like to follow the lead. It doesn’t necessarily mean that some of us always pitch or some of us always catch. It’s mre about the power dynamic you are comfortable with in the bedroom. And then there are the verses, or switches among us who feel equally in comfortable in both roles. 

What you will find with live gay sex cams is that there is a pretty even mix of these types. It kind of surprised me to be honest. I always thought that cam models would be more tops who liked the idea of the attention and being comfortable demanding tokens from their viewers. But there are plenty of guys who really enjoy knowing that they are pleasing multiple men at once. Sounds like a power bottom to me.

I guess with gay cams you get just as much variety as you will on the best gay porn site!