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Month: October, 2010

Gay sucking and fucking a meaty cock

Once again, our boss, bald, strong, horny and with a very massive cock. He has been fucking those tight assholes for a very long time, but it doesn’t matter, every single time he strips and show his meaty cock to us is astonishing. This is a nice scene that contains the following: Hot gay boys, meaty cocks, tight assholes and of course, some gay ass fuck. He craved his delicious penis deep on that guy’s ass, and it seems that he loved it. If you love to see hot gay guys fucking, you came to the right place.

Hot gay guys fighting and fucking

Two strong guys, one ring, one championship with only one rule. They were there to fight (hard.), there is just one rule in this championship, whoever loses will have to take a meaty cock deep in the ass. After hours of fight, finally one guy got knocked-out, but his opponent showed no mercy. He barely gave time for the other guy to wake up and started to do his job. Luckily the other guy finally woke up from the knock-out and started to follow the rules. If you love gay ass fuck you’ll probably love this fight.