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Month: December, 2010

Hot gay guys in a horny fight

Today is a special day for our champion, which is the guy with the red shorts. He won the local cock-wrestling championship. If you don’t know what it is, its a championship sponsored by a local academy that every year brings hot gay guys with meaty cocks to fight. Those guys are hardcore fighters and cock lovers. The main prize is usually a nice blowjob, but today he went for the big one, which is a blowjob followed by some nice gay ass fuck. Step inside and watch our champion claiming his so desired prize.

Hot gay guy being spyed on bathtub

This horny gay guy was taking a very relaxing bath in his bathtub. He was there playing with his cock and thinking about some dirty kind of stuff. The time passed and he wanted a little bit more, but sadly, he was all alone. In this gallery there is something missing, you gotta go deeper and check, what you’ll find is. While he was there all relaxed, actually one of his friends was watching him. He was thinking about some hot gay ass fuck, and some meaty cocks fucking his ass hard. While he could have that at anytime.