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Month: June, 2010

Gay threesome after soccer match

After playing a soccer match against a very bad team, those guys were bored, the game was easy and they wanted some action, they had nothing else to do. After talking a little bit they figured out the best thing to do: Gay ass fuck the whole night. They didn’t even stripped their clothes, they had a private place in a comfortable hotel room and they were ready for some action. In this gallery you see how a nice gay fuck after a soccer match went. Trust me, during the photosession they were not bored.

Gay threesome after football match

Those guys were tired, they have just played a hard match against one of the best teams in the area. Luckily they won and they wanted to make this day a little bit better. After the game they went to the dressing-room, they stripped off all of their clothes and started to party in a nice gay threesome. Nothing could finish their day better than a party with some gay ass fuck in there. They are definitely winners, they were horny and ready to bang some asses. In this gallery you see how this party ended.